73 degrees

Is it a story or a fact?

A few years ago I worked with a personal trainer, an avid cyclist who told me her favorite temperature is 73 degrees. It felt oddly specific, and has stuck in my mind ever since. I think of her every time I notice that it’s 73 degrees outside.

73 degrees seems like a pretty great temperature to me, not too hot, not too cold. I imagine my trainer generally feels most physically comfortable riding her bike when it’s 73 degrees outside so she often thinks, “This is great cycling weather!”

Someone else might look at the thermostat reading 73 degrees and think, “Now I need to wear a jacket today.”

73 degrees is a fact. We can measure it and all agree that’s the case. Whether you think 73 degrees means great weather depends on the story you tell yourself about it.

What stories are you telling yourself about the facts in your life?

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