How to get results

It isn’t better there than here.

Believing that one sentence is the secret to achieving your goals.

You think you need to lose weight, find a partner, get a promotion, clean your house, and on and on.

THEN you’ll feel good about yourself.

THEN you’ll be worthy of love and belonging.

THEN you’ll feel successful.

THEN you can enjoy your life.

What if it were possible to feel good about yourself NOW? What if you are already 100% lovable? What if you allowed yourself to see the success you’ve already created? What if there weren’t one single thing outside of you that needed to change for you to experience joy?

Goals are fun and enhance our lives, but it isn’t the achieving of them that does it. It’s the moving toward them. When we move toward them with light-heartedness and compassion for ourselves and others, we realize that how we feel creates our experience. You can feel how you want to feel NOW and open up so much more space for yourself to grow and reach unimaginable goals. I promise this is the way to have an amazing life, right now.

I promise that it isn’t better there than here.

Happy New Year!

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