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You 2.0

Embracing Life after Divorce

You thought your marriage would last forever. It didn’t. Does that mean you’re a failure?

Let me assure you that it doesn’t.

Now that your marriage has ended,

you have more power than ever before.

And sometimes it feels that way.

Sometimes we feel confident, empowered, and brave.

But often it doesn’t feel powerful. Often we feel lonely, anxious, guilty, afraid.

Have you ever wondered WHY you don’t stay in confidence and peace all the time?

Because there IS a reason.

And it isn’t because there is something wrong with you.

It isn’t a coincidence that:

  • Many divorced people feel like they no longer belong in their church community.
  • They feel anxious about what other people will think about every choice they make in their life.
  • They worry about the impact of everything on their children.
  • They wonder what went wrong, why their family blew up.

It’s because you’ve been taught that divorce is the worst thing that can happen in a marriage.

Society has taught you that being divorced is a failure. If only you had more faith or tried harder, this wouldn’t be happening.

“No matter what I bring to our sessions, Candice has an amazing ability to get right to the root cause of my problem. I always come away from our sessions feeling lighter and equipped with powerful insight. She is a fantastic and compassionate listener but she’s also not afraid to call me out on my crap so that I can make progress and move forward in my life.

If you get a chance to work with Candice, do it! She’s amazing!”

– Maggie

The most insidious thing about society teaching you to feel bad about yourself simply because you’re divorced is that you can’t even tell that it’s happening.

Because it’s coming from inside of you.

You think the thoughts, and they seem like they’re YOUR thoughts.

But they aren’t. They are poisoned messages that you have internalized and don’t know how to recognize or change. And what happens?

  • You don’t go after your dreams because what if you fail and what will people think?
  • You hate your body, which is only ever trying to love you.
  • You make less money.
  • You play small.
  • You get in relationships too fast and stay too long, even when they aren’t working for you.
  • You care more about what other people think than what you think, even of yourself.
  • You tell yourself you’ve messed up your children’s lives.

In effect, you bury your authentic self and desires again and again and again, all to win some prize that never comes.

And when we’re unfulfilled, what do we do to feel better?

We spend money and time on things that don’t actually help us feel differently in the long run. I love a new outfit or day at the spa as much as anyone else, but a fresh manicure isn’t going to solve my confidence problem when that problem is caused by my thought that I am a failure as a spouse and as a parent and my family is a mess. Right? Right.

That’s why investing in learning how to embrace my life after divorce has been my favorite thing to do with my money, at every level.

And that’s why:

It’s time for a mindset shift.

Welcome to You 2.0

Embracing Life after Divorce

This small group experience teaches you how to set yourself free from the inside out. And that means:

  • Not caring whether your former spouse is happy with you because you are 100% happy with yourself and you don’t need to control what other people think about you to sleep at night.
  • Not caring how fast your love interest texts you back because you feel so confident about your desirability that it doesn’t even cross your mind to feel insecure.
  • Not feeling guilty as a working parent because you know you’re doing an amazing job balancing all your responsibilities, and you’re able to be present and enjoy each part of your life while you’re in it.
  • Knowing deep inside you can handle whatever life throws at you. Keeping your cool no matter how much everyone around you is freaking out. No matter what.

You’ll connect with a group of divorced people you didn’t know existed and can’t live without.

We can only create true freedom when we truly feel free.

Not just intellectually, but emotionally.

Not just in theory, but in reality, too.

I know this because I lived it.

I went to church every Sunday, I prayed and studied scripture with my family, I served my community. And I still felt terrible, like I didn’t belong.

  • I pretended to be confident, but I was anxious at any sign that anyone might be displeased with me, especially one of my male leaders.
  • I felt stuck in my marriage because I was using my commitment to a covenant as a mask to cover up my unwillingness to deal with myself and my situation.
  • I knew that individual agency was important, but I couldn’t stop hoping that if I just said or did the right thing, other people in my life would change.

Eventually, in my effort to fix my life, I discovered life coaching. I got certified as a life coach by the best coaching school in the world. The tools I learned to shift my thought patterns helped and I started to help other people with their minds.

Divorced people deserve more than feel-good affirmations.

They need – we ALL need – concrete effective help getting negative social messages out of their brains for good.

I created this group experience for you so you can see that you’re not alone and start breaking through to levels of confidence, self-love, and joy that you didn’t imagine were possible after your divorce.

Enter: You 2.0

An online group experience where you can learn how to create true, authentic confidence in your own heart and mind – and bond with other divorced people who are doing the same.

The world is always coming at you with new challenges.

But now you have somewhere to go, and a community that has your back.

  • Because you’re always going to be someone who experienced divorce.
  • Because the advice, feedback and support you need in changing your thought patterns, navigating the world, and creating your best life is available right here.
  • Because you belong here, and you’re worth it.

Join You 2.0

Embrace life after divorce with a community that helps you grow into the amazing person you already are.

Want to know the details?

Joining You 2.0 gives you structure, accountability, and consistency in managing your mind – and that improves your whole life.

The reason you’re overwhelmed isn’t actually your job, your kids, your friends, or your ex.

It’s your brain.

When you don’t know how to say no, when you take on things you don’t want to do out of guilt and obligation, when you’re constantly worried about your own worth and what other people think of you, know what happens? You feel exhausted and overwhelmed, all the time.

You 2.0 is a short, 6-week commitment to yourself. You will learn tools to manage your mind and experience more peace with one-on-one coaching in a group setting, all in one hour each week.

The most amazing part? You get it for only $33/session.

Registration for the next session is open now. You 2.0 begins May 26, 2022.

It’s going to be your favorite part of the week!

You 2.0 Group Coaching


Six weekly one-hour group coaching sessions

Learn how to stop feeling bad about your divorce and create a life you love!

Private One-on-One Coaching


One 45-minute private individual coaching session, or pay in advance for 6 weekly sessions and save $50, a $594 value for only $544! You’ll have 8 weeks from your first appointment to use them.

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