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When our kids stop coming to church, everything changes. Some of these changes can feel painful to us, but there is a way to find more peace and hope. I can help you confidently keep your relationship with your children and your faith.

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About Candice

I’ve been where you are.

One by one my children stopped attending church. There was grief and confusion, sadness and regret, frustration and fear – normal emotions that soon got out of balance. Life coaching brought me back to myself – back to feeling more love, peace, hope, and joy.

Work with me

You don't have to feel lost.

I can help you find your footing so you can confidently enjoy your relationship with your kids – whether or not they come to church. You are not alone. As a life coach with advanced certification in faith-based coaching, I use causal coaching to help my clients find their agency in any situation.


Real Clients

Candice helped me identify changes I could make in my thinking to create the results I choose to achieve. She is excellent at listening. I highly recommend her!

Sarah P.

Candice helped me work through my feelings. She listened without judgment.

Sherri A.

Candice has an amazing ability to get right to the problem. I come away from our sessions feeling lighter and equipped with powerful insight. She is a fantastic and compassionate listener!

Maggie P.

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