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YOU 2.0 coming May 26, 2022!

YOU 2.0: Embracing Life after Divorce

This course is a 6-week small group experience where you’ll get back in the driver seat of your life.

You will learn

  • Divorce is not the bad guy
  • The story you tell matters
  • You get to feel however you feel
  • You can trust yourself
  • You can have good relationships with others
  • You are the hero of your story

Every week I will teach a concept and then coach one or more group members. We learn with each other as we see the concepts applied in real life.

Check out my new podcast

Finding Fifty: Reinventing Yourself in the Second Half of Life

currently available on Apple and Stitcher!

Mette and Candice, friends for more than thirty years,
both found themselves divorced during the pandemic.
They have very different perspectives on the challenge of
finding themselves in the midst of an entirely new life.

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