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NEW COURSE coming in 2022!

YOU 2.0: Embracing Life after Divorce

This course is a 6-week small group experience where you’ll get back in the driver seat of your life.

You will learn

  • Divorce is not the bad guy
  • The story you tell matters
  • You get to feel however you feel
  • You can trust yourself
  • You can have good relationships with others
  • You are the hero of your story

Every week I will teach a concept and then coach one or more group members. We learn with each other as we see the concepts applied in real life.

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It isn’t better there than here. Believing that one sentence is the secret to achieving your goals. You think you need to lose weight, find a partner, get a promotion, clean your house, and on and on. THEN you’ll feel good about yourself. THEN you’ll be worthy of love and belonging. THEN you’ll feel successful.Continue reading “How to get results”


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Download 10 Thoughts I CHOOSE to Think to feel better about your divorce.

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