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Sometimes I’m not sure what I’m doing or why I’m doing it. I have a lot of projects going and it can feel overwhelming. It can seem like the solution is to dive right in and get a bunch of things done. Nothing wrong with getting things done. But I’ve noticed that sometimes I amContinue reading “Action!”

Don’t miss the signal

Our emotions are here to help us pay attention. Let’s not turn them off. At work recently I solved one problem and thereby created another problem for someone else. It seemed unavoidable when I did it, and may yet have been, but after I did it I wasn’t so sure. I felt terrible. I wasContinue reading “Don’t miss the signal”

It’s what you think

The problem you’re having might not be what you think. Instead, it might just be what you’re thinking. Human beings are meaning-making machines. We have thousands of thoughts every day in rapid succession. We have thoughts all day long about the circumstances we encounter, about our past, and about our future. Most of the timeContinue reading “It’s what you think”

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