Why I really want my kids to feel better

Has this ever happened to you? One of your kids is mad at their sibling. They’re so mad about what their sibling did that they won’t stop talking about it. They may be ranting in a loud voice and stomping around the house. You’ve offered that no one can make them mad. They choose toContinue reading “Why I really want my kids to feel better”

Feeling it — or not

The worst that can happen is a feeling. Emotions are just vibrations in our body. They originate in our brains when we have a thought. Regardless of how simple that sounds, we can experience some emotions as terribly unpleasant. We have four options when unpleasant emotions come up: Resist React Avoid Allow Resistance feels tight,Continue reading “Feeling it — or not”

How to get results

It isn’t better there than here. Believing that one sentence is the secret to achieving your goals. You think you need to lose weight, find a partner, get a promotion, clean your house, and on and on. THEN you’ll feel good about yourself. THEN you’ll be worthy of love and belonging. THEN you’ll feel successful.Continue reading “How to get results”